The Wholesale Section of Campbell Road Nursery sells all available annual and perennials on a seasonal basis. These primarily come in flats of 15 or 18 plants.  Delivery of Wholesale Plants is also available at a nominal fee per delivery.  For current availability, please visit the nursery or call with specific needs. 


Campbell Road Nursery started contract growing in 1991 on an extremely small scale. The first season, we grew about 500 flats on a contract basis. On July 1, 2003, my husband, Carlton and I (Phil) bought the nursery, and it’s now known as Campbell Road Nursery Inc. During the previous 13 years, I’d been employed as a full-time manager, which included all phases of nursery production. I believe that the success of our nursery has been our excellent customer service and our goal to have the best quality plants, I always remember that every customer is important to our success ( whether they buy one flat or a thousand flats ). The individual customer is the reason we’re here. The person who starts out installing one flat might one day be the No. 1 landscaper in the region. We try to be fair to our landscape customers by selling our flats at the same price, no matter the size of their orders.

Contact our in-house experts today 

at our wholesale number: 919-851-5108